Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to create a blog in SharePoint 2010

You have a SharePoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Enterprise 2010 and want to create a SharePoint blog? It is very easy.

You may do next easy steps:
  1. Log into SharePoint.
  2. Go to Site Actions New Site.
  3. Click on Blog and enter a title as well as the desired URL name of the blog site, then click on Create.
  4. Your new SharePoint blog site will be successfully created.

See steps to create a SharePoint blog at this video:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Change the Title and Logo Url of a Sharepoint 2010 Site

This guide will show how to change the title and the logo URL of your SharePoint 2010 site.
  1. Log into SharePoint.
  2. Navigate to the SharePoint site where you wish to change the title or URL.
  3. Click on Site Actions - Site Settings.
  4. Under Look and Feel, click on Title, description, and icon.
  5. Change the title of your site in the Title field and then specify a description in the Description field.
  6. Enter the Web address or path to the image file you wish to use in the URL field and enter a short description of the image in the Description field.
  7. Click on OK.
All steps you can see at this video.

How to Create an Exchange Account in Outlook 2011 for Mac

This guide will show you how to create an Exchange 2010 account in Outlook 2011 for Mac using the manual method.
  1. Click on the Outlook icon.
  2. Click on Tools and then on Accounts.
  3. Click on Exchange account.
  4. Enter your email address in the E-mail address field your.
  5. Give your account a name in the Account description field.
  6. Save changes.